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Since COPROEDSA had deployed many projects on different areas of the country, It had lead with different weathers, fromt the hottest Sullana, at the north of the country, until the coldest higlands of Ancash at the middle of Peru. Clearly, to work on areas with bad weather is hard but as we use local man power and efficient logistic we got the work done on time. Also, as the jobs are on far areas, security it's a very important issue for COPROEDSA.

Manual tools and yellow machines, all of them are needed to get the job done, that's why COPROEDSA keep all it's equipment ready for the job. All the personal that handle these equipments are well trained to handle them and to take all the securities matter on the operation. It's important to mention that COPROEDSA keeps a good commercial relation with many main  equipment building suppliers,which allow us to get the right tool or equipment for every job.

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